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FPGA Design

We provide FPGA design service. We have experience in both ALTERA (MAX10, Stratix 10 and etc.) and XILINX (Virtex Ultra Scale+, Zynq Ultra Scale+ and etc.) technologies.

PCI Express® (PCIe) in the Virtex UltraScale+

PCB Manufacturing

  • High Speed PCB based on Nelco, Megtron 6 materials. Rigid-Flex PCB. Impedance control.
  • Edge plating of PCB. The different materials within one PCB.
  • Finished copper thickness: 0.5-5OZ. PCB fabricates according to IPC-А-600

PCB Design & Layout

  • High Speed serial Interconnects: HMC, Leap® On-Board Transceiver, PCI Express 3.0, QSFP28, CFP8, Display Port, HDMI;
  • High Speed parallel designs: PCI-X, DDR4, QDR-IV, RLDRAM-III
  • 100% handle routing method